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Indus Games is a portal which merely seeks to offer an online game of skill. We hereby expressly state and affirm that we are not affiliated, associated or connected in any manner to any of the national sport federations’, international sport federations’, tournaments, leagues, cups, clubs, teams, players’, managers etc. Indus Games acknowledges that intellectual property rights in the logo, names and marks, may be owned by a third party including the sport federations, clubs, teams, leagues, cups, clubs, players’, managers, broadcasters etc. Any reference or depiction of the logos, marks and names on Indus Games, is merely incidental in nature and for the purposes of reporting. Users from Assam, Orissa, Sikkim and Nagaland should not play on Indus Games. Please check the relevant laws in your jurisdiction before playing on Indus Games. Any liability or penalty, for violation of the applicable laws is solely of the user.


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Dear Users,
There has been a change in the 39th Match for BBL. The previous match has been cancelled, and refunds have been processed. Kindly create your teams for the updated 39th match between MLS and HBH.
Thank You